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BTX Lift and Lift/Tilt Systems

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btx blindsBTX MotorBlind™ MLS-40 System brings to you its motorization solution for automating lift and lift/tilt shades and blinds. With the patented MLS-40 Motorized Lift System* BTX can motorize all pleated and cellular shades, as well as mini and wood blinds with ease. This system eliminates the worry of cords or tapes breaking or getting a backlash from uneven lifting. The MLS-40, coupled with a high quality control option from BTX, gives your home or office the design look you want with the automated technological conveniences that your customers demand.

MLS-40 Features

  • Capable of lifting and tilting shades or blinds with existing cords
  • Can use any of the custom control options available
  • Quiet, easy to install systems
  • Pre-set automatic shut-off limit switches


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