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MechoShade is the #1 specified brand for commercial buildings worldwide.




WhisperTrac™ Motorized Drapery System

WhisperTrac, a versatile family of motorized drapery products, is setting a new standard for design and function. In addition to its clean, monochromatic, European design, WhisperTrac is quiet and can bend to the tightest radius for curved conditions.

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MagnaShade® – Super Wide Shades

MagnaShade is a super-wide roller shade. It does the job of multiple shade bands without the unsightly seams. But unlike conventional solutions, MagnaShade maintains a low profile. The unique shallow profile can be up to approximately 40 ft. (12m) wide by 20 ft. (6.1m) high.

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SunDialer® Control System

The intelligent controller tracks the sun and adjusts shade positions on the window automatically and monitors real-time sky conditions over the course of the year.

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SolarTrac® Window Management System

An intelligent controller that adjusts the shade positions—minute-by-minute – with roof top solar sensors.

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