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Shade Mapping by InSync Solar

There are many stories of projects on where we come in late. This is when the contractor is looking for a shade vendor after the Architect is long finished with the plans. Sometimes the plans and specs are fine and all goes well. More often however, we find many complicated issues due to missing details. These details includes such things as:

  • Inadequate power supply specified for motorized shades.
  • Pockets where the shades do not fit.
  • Illegal locations of junction boxes for power termination.
  • Missing wood blocking for shade mounting.
  • Poorly thought out selection of shade controls.
  • Bad choices of fabrics for heat reflection or glare control

The result may be significant and costly change orders. As you can see in the cartoon below, it hits home for everyone involved.


How can an Architect avoid this mess? InSync Solar provides Shade Mapping as a service to Architects. Shade Mapping offers a forward-looking approach in planning for Engineered Shading Solutions, by providing extensive details of where each type of shade is located on the plans along with controls, wiring, pockets, and other pertinent details.

This gives Architects specific visual information and the ability for all subcontractors to reference the shade details, thereby eliminating the typical ignorant excuses.

How does Shade Mapping Work?

A shade section detail provides extensive information on the parts and components that make up each different type of shade on a project. In the plan below, the different types of shades are color-coded and the motor locations are highlighted.Untitled-7

Shades are also mapped out in an elevation as seen below:


All network and electrical wiring is detailed according to what’s required for the project. This is critical for all phases of the project, from estimating to installation.


Specific wood blocking details are shown for the mounting of the shades.


 Here is a unique project showing angled and incline windows. Our engineers provided a detailed Shade Map for this complex job.



Shade Mapping by InSync Solar provides Architects, Contractors, Electricians and Installers with the critical information for a successful installation of Engineered Shading Solutions. Shade Mapping is offered to Architects as a free service in exchange for being the specified vendor.

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